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Credit system


Within the credit system, each subject is given a certain number of credits in accordance with the importance and difficulty of the subject. Each year the number of credits acquired by the student is summed up. A certain minimum number is set which is a condition to continue to the next year. Some credits may be acquired at other accredited higher education institutions including those abroad, as permitted by the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).


The system allows for some flexibility in study focus with the use of optional subjects in accordance with personal interests.


An optional subject will be offered where a minimum number of 10 students from any study field enrol for it. Some subjects are also limited by an upper number of students (18 – 20). The list of optional subjects is always detailed after the compulsory subjects in the study plan for each field. 

Required credits: 

1st year: 
optimum 60 credits 

2nd year:
optimum 60 credits

To advance to the 3rd year, at least 120 credits must have been attained in the 1st and 2nd years.

3rd year:
optimum 60 credits

The minimum number of credits necessary to complete your studies is 180.



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