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Vysoká škola zdravotnická, o.p.s. v Praze 5, Duškova 7, 150 00 Praha 5
IČ: 272 35 530

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sekretariát: 210 082 412

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The College of Nursing (Vysoká škola zdravotnická, o. p. s., based at Duškova 7, Prague 5)
opens for the 2013/2014 academic year
for study programmes in the Nursing fields of GENERAL NURSING and MIDWIFERY
for study programmes with Specialisation in the healthcare field of RADIOLOGICAL ASSISTANCE. 
Information on admissions
A condition of study is a school leaving exam (maturita) at a secondary school.
Prospective candidates for the General Nursing and Midwifery fields will undertake a test focused on knowledge of human biology and psychology at secondary school level.
Prospective candidates for the Radiological Assistance field will undertake a test focused on knowledge of human biology and physics at secondary school level.

Application forms are available in the college’s study department. A doctors note confirming medical fitness to study and practise in the profession and an officially verified report based on grades for each year in secondary school (candidates should mention which language they would like to study). Candidates can use the valid national higher education application form
SEVT 49 145 0.

The application fee is 1000 CZK. The candidate should attach confirmation of payment of the administrative fee (Type A paying-in slip check stub) to the application form.
College bank account: 51–1850770217/0100, variable symbol (variabilní symbol): 11, constant symbol (konstantní symbol): 308.
The doctors note should include date of vaccination against hepatitis B, if all three doses were given.

Admissions take place on: 

•   11
June 2014 (alternative date 20 June 2014),
•      8 September 2014 (alternative date 10 September 2014).     

Information on admissions can be found at our office. 

Further information, study departments on tel. 210 082 418.

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