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Organisational and management structure 
(excerpt from VŠZ, o.p.s. statues) 

Art. 21

Organisational structure
1. The college has the following organisational structure. 
2. The administrative bodies are made up of:

a) the research and editorial department, 
b) the economics, human resources and administration department, 
c) the information technology department.

3. The departments are made up of:Art. 22

Advisory boards and working groups

1. Advisory boards and working groups are set up to ensure all college activities are co-ordinated, directed and mutually informed, and to be responsible for conceptual and significant operational tasks.

2. The advisory boards are set up for regular, long-term operation, with working groups for specific operations. 

3. A rector and director is appointed for each advisory board and working group within its powers and responsibilities to head the body.

4. The advisory boards are in particular:

a) the college of rectors composed of: prorectors, departmental heads, student representatives and other persons according to the decision of the rector which issues statements on affairs of the rector
b) the college of directors composed of: heads of departments and other persons according to the decision of the director which issues statements in business, administrative and civil affairs.

5. It is the duty of the relevant employees to undertake their activities within the advisory bodies and working groups. Managers of employees who are members of college advisory bodies or working groups are required to create reasonable conditions for their duties.. 

Organistational structure


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